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Cape York Partnerships is the engine room for innovative policy and programmes designed to end passive welfare and empower Cape York Indigenous people and families to improve their own lives. We are very proud to be working with this incredibly important and inspiring organisation.

Insight provide Social Media Management to Cape York Partnership, Cape York Employment, Cape York Leaders Program, Girl Academy and We Are Cape York. Together we have grown an engaged and important community members and influencers

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Insight Social Media brought with them an extensive toolkit to successfully execute traditional marketing strategies but also helped to deliver effective social media strategies that made a measurable difference to our business. We couldn't be more pleased with the team and Insight Social Media and highly recommend them to take your understanding of Social Marketing to the next level. Jenny Hovey, Marketing Manager, Green Leaves
They have a great passion for what they do and bring a superb level of knowledge about effective strategies when engaging in social media and marketing plans. Their strategies captivate our target audience and maintain their attention while continually looking for new avenues to develop further. We now have a much stronger online presence that is incomparable to what it was before. Christie Smith, Business Manager, Paradise Palms
Thanks to Insight Social Medias remarkable vision, creativity and proven strategies, Chrisco is now enjoying a thriving social network that is growing by the minute. Chrisco's fundamental goal on social media is to create an extended family circle in which every customer feels like part of the business and feels a strong level of trust for the brand. Insight Social Media has succeeded in not only crystallising this vision, but has far exceeded our greatest expectations, through the creation of creative engaging posts, targeted growth strategies, regular Facebook competitions, the use of influencers and a burgeoning online community that has since translated into increased sales. Insight was a game-changer for the business and I can't recommend their service highly enough. Robyn Gipters, Head of Customer Engagement, Chrisco Hampers
I am continually impressed by their commitment and care taken in managing our brand and social media. From the original design of the Paga Hill Estate brand to the ongoing support we receive to grow, engage and connect with our online community through social media. They are passionate about the work they do and have helped us to innovate digitally and achieve results through social media. Gudmundur Fridriksson, Chief Executive Officer, Paga Hill Development Company
With the ever increasing complexity and opportunity surrounding digital and in particular social media, it is a great comfort to have the Insight Social Media team on our side. They keep up to date with all the latest trends, regulations and opportunities to ensure that we are always putting our best foot forward in the digital media and marketing space. Best of all their reporting capabilities ensures we can keep a close eye on our return on investment for marketing expenses which helps us with future marketing strategy and planning. Marlies Hobbs, Founder, Healthy Everyday
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