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Send Direct Messages on Instagram

Send Direct Messages on Instagram

DID YOU KNOW… Instagram allows you to send direct messages to people?

With Instagram Direct you can send photos, videos, posts you see in your feed, text, profiles and much more, directly to people you choose.

This feature is great for sharing moments that are only relevant to some of your friends (inside jokes, multiple puppy pics etc) or for customers to contact businesses directly with their enquiries.

It works much like Facebook messenger, a notification is sent to the person or group you message, you can see once they’ve opened it, and you can keep the conversation going.

Your inbox can be found by tapping the box icon to the top right of your feed.

To share photos and videos directly from your feed, tap the arrow next to the comment icon then select who you want to send to (you’ll need the latest version of Instagram for this feature).

Happy messaging!



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