Maximise your marketing effort on Instagram by knowing the best time to post content which your customers will engage with.



So it’s 10 am and you just posted a photo competition for your business on Instagram.
It gained 20 likes.
Your competitor posted a similar competition on Instagram, but it was posted it at 7:30 pm. Their post gained 100 likes.
Now you are asking yourself why they had a better result when they have the same amount of followers as you?

The answer is in the timing.

To save your business from Instagram underperformance, our infographic gives you the low down on the right times and days to post.

Its all in the timing_InfographicWeekday Fix

Social media users are often online Tuesdays through to Thursdays. 85% of these users are students and 9-5 workers, who access social media during meal times. These times are known as rushes, being the Learner and Earner Rush during 7-9am, Lunch Time Rush from 11-2pm and the Evening Rush from 5-7pm.

Weekend Posting

Weekends are a tricky time to post, with studies finding most people are inactive on social media due to their busy weekend schedules. However, there are still downtimes where you can find user engagement.

– Saturday Mornings & Evenings

Most weekend users are online Saturday mornings from 7-10am. This is due to their Saturday sleep-ins and the trend of picking up your phone rather than a book. Alternatively, Saturday evenings between 4-6pm is peak hour for users to check their Instagram feed prior to getting ready for their nighttime plans. During these times, fashion posts gain greater engagement.

– Sunday Evening Mums

Sunday evenings are the prime time for the “Mum” target market. Mums are the main active users from 6-11pm. This peak time is ideal for Instagram competitions and text-heavy posts, users are more likely engage during this time over all other days.  

Monday and Friday are Posting NO GO’s.

Users are least engaged on Monday and Friday’s. Often users are suffering from “Mondayitis” or are preparing themselves for their weekends. On these days, users are typically only scrolling through their feeds, without taking much notice of what posts contain.

For the Love of FOODIES

There is not one person who doesn’t like to see a food post on Instagram, after all, Instagram food posts are a phenomenon, so it is important to know the best times to post. Studies show the best engagement times for food posts are during breakfast and lunch. The food post should typically stay within the given timeframe, being breakfast food during breakfast time, and lunch or dinner pics during lunch time.

These following businesses have successfully implemented timing techniques to achieve greater consumer awareness and engagement, as well as brand presence.

IMG_8551   IMG_8554   IMG_8553

By following our guide, your posts and Instagram business profile can achieve a greater following, increased liking and greater presence on Instagram. 

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*Data and information have been collected from a number of sources, including, Kissmetrics, Fastcompany and Sure Payroll.



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