Facebook Advertising

As a certified Facebook buying professional, we are specialists in managing, creating and purchasing Facebook ads. In 2018, we generated over $40M in tracked sales for our clients.

Through a workshop with you, we will learn more about your target audience persona, existing customers and the people you would like to engage with your brand. Once uncovering this, we will break down your audience to fall under certain interests, behaviours and demographics to detail our targeting. From these, we can find lookalike audiences and further customise who we want to send our messaging to.

Once we have your audience pinned, we’ll create a marketing strategy and deploy an advertising funnel that delivers your message – resulting in the growth of your brand awareness, engagement, page and website visitors and customers. Working on either a monthly or quarterly schedule, we will report the success of your campaign and will set up advanced retargeting from the previous results – constantly learning and fine-tuning your audience to increase results.

Facebook advertising