Email Marketing

Becoming e-pen pals with your audience massively increases your reach, is flexible and measurable and a great retainer tool for customers.

Over half of the planet uses email. (Radicati, 2018) Why not drop them a line and remind them about your brand and anything interesting they’d want to click on? Our team create emails designed to capture your audience’s attention – and retain it. Affordable, personalised and a good medium for all generations, email marketing is a successful way to keep existing customers whilst informing new potential people about your business and new promotions. A place where beautiful design, clever copy, sales strategy and content all meet, email marketing can be as simple as acting as a place where all marketing techniques tie together as a simple summary for your audience.

Through using both Campaign Monitor and MailChimp, we create and schedule marketing emails for your brand that encourage more engagement and drive website traffic.

Radicati, 2018 https://www.radicati.com/wp/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/Email_Statistics_Report,_2018-2022_Executive_Summary.pdf

Email marketing