Influencer Marketing

Engage the people who have influence over your customers to expand your reach and build brand trust, loyalty and sales.

80% of marketers find influencer marketing effective. (Mediakix, 2019)
We engage real people, with real followings to introduce your brand to their audience. Predominately through Instagram, we seek and contact influencers to collaborate and make posts educating their audience on your brand. Viewed as a trustworthy person to most, influencer audiences are embraced as an effective channel for driving ROI, increasing page growth and adding another brand touchpoint to the customer journey.

71% of marketers have agreed that the quality of customers and traffic as a result of influencer posts are better than other marketing sources. Through finding suitable people to represent your brand, we will attract your ideal audience to your brand.

Mediakix, 2019: https://mediakix.com/influencer-marketing-resources/influencer-marketing-industry-statistics-survey-benchmarks/#gs.0xjefn

Influencer marketing