Want to learn a little more about Insight and the people behind it? This is how we roll.

Our story

This party started ten years ago and it’s still going

We’ve been deep in the world of social media since 2014. Founded by Glenn Fawcett and Meagan O’Grady, Insight is a multi-talented team of specialists who care about the right things. We’re built on trust, real relationships, celebrating in our clients’ success and putting in the extra hours when it gets tough. It’s the people that make all the difference and we’re humbled to be surrounded by the best of them.


A-Teamers at your service

Glenn Fawcett Co-Founder Tennis Ace
Meagan O'Grady Co-Founder Pro Surfer
Jess Elmes Performance Marketing Manager Firefighter
Indie Campbell Performance Marketing Manager Himalayan Hiker
Tahlia Hutchinson Digital Marketing Manager Governor General
Brooke Villani Digital Marketing Manager Dance Choreographer
Rachel Brown Digital Marketing Manager Paparazzi
Chelsea Neck Digital Marketing Manager Fashion Designer
Simon Martin Consultant Creative Director Head Chef
Ivette Rieksts Graphic Designer Ultra Marathon Runner
Hannah Comerford Graphic Designer Hollywood Actress
Cindy Pegler Creative Copywriter Game Show Host
Ralph Walker Consultant Marketing Strategist Pro Golfer

The trust is baked in

Honesty is everything. It shapes every aspect of our agency.

Trust is at the centre of everything we do at Insight. When you start working with an agency to help with your digital marketing it takes trust and lots of it. We know what a big deal that is and we don’t take it lightly. It’s for this very reason our process is transparent, so you actually get to understand what we do and why we do it.


We all really love this

Work doesn’t feel like work when you’re in your element.

When you surround yourself with good people who enjoy what they do, the outcomes come naturally. We care about our culture at Insight, actively fostering a collaborative, highly intentional team.

VALUE: Knowledge

Be in the know and share it

The world of digital marketing is ever changing - we never sit still and we love to share our knowledge.

What’s working today won’t necessarily work tomorrow. As a social-first digital performance agency we’re at the forefront of trend cycles. This allows us to quickly pivot our clients’ marketing efforts and continually align them with what’s converting best.

Value: relationships

We’re all
 in this together

Relationships matter to us. They should be long, productive, and at all times honest.

We’re in this for the long game. We want to still be working with you in ten years time, not only because we’re still delivering the outcomes you’re chasing but also because you genuinely enjoy working with us.


 it hot

If we say it, we’ll deliver it. We’re only happy if you are and we know that means outcomes.

We understand there’s serious business at play here. Our clients engage us because they’re chasing growth... newsflash, so are we. It takes a dedicated team of specialists to get results. Give us a target, we’ll hit it.

“couldn’t be happier working with insight”
“10/10 for this crew”

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