Black Friday: e-commerce marketing gold.

Cheap clothes, full carparks, discount code GALORE and a whole lot of revenue.

Black Friday is starting to make a large dent in the Aussie retail space. With a predicted global digital revenue growth increase of 15% with total sales of $768B, Black Friday is an unofficial start to the holiday season – falling on the day after Thanksgiving (29th November). Closely following is Cyber Monday on the 2nd of December.

As a brand or business, here’s how you can prepare…

  1. Promote a new offer or discount

When all of your competitors are running sales, it can be pretty hard to stand a chance without your own specials. Think about what your audience is after, and what discount they would deem valuable. If you are keen to compete in the Black Friday sales, running a valuable offer is key.

  1. Email marketing!

Drop a line in your audience’s inbox – they’ll love it. Seriously. In thanks of being a loyal customer, gift them a unique discount code or promo in celebration of The Big Day. A study found that 68% of shoppers pay a closer eye to emails from brands during the holiday season. In 2018, there was a 20% increase in emails sent to shoppers during Cyber Week.

  1. Optimise your website

Whether you are an online business or a physical business with a digital presence, it’s key to ensure your websites bandwidth can hold more web traffic than normal. Can your website physically handle the impending web traffic? Is your website easy to navigate? Have you updated your web SEO to increase your Google ranking? Running through your website with the customer journey in mind is a key exercise to do before Black Friday and Cyber Monday come around.

Most importantly, ensure your website is mobile friendly. On average, 70% of digital visits to websites now come from a mobile phone rather than a desktop or laptop.

The less road/web blocks, the easier the sale.

  1. Amp up the social posts

20% of all shoppers, and 37% of Gen Z use Instagram as their preferred source of sourcing shopping inspiration during the holiday season.

Sure, Black Friday is just one day of the year, but we recommend reminding your customers weeks in advance. Build hype around the day, drop hints for incoming sales and cultivate interaction with clever posts. Over 69% of people find Stories on both Instagram and Facebook a great way to find new products and services they wouldn’t have found otherwise. Ensure you are maximising your social tactics by tagging a location, hash-tagging relevant topics and tagging other brands or accounts that are involved in the image to maximise your reach.

  1. Remarketing. Ads.

For the repeat customers. The I-almost-purchased-but-bailed-at-checkout people. The I-couldn’t-find-my-credit-card people.

There’s already a pool of people who are familiar with your business and are interested in what you are providing. Black Friday is the perfect opportunity to run remarketing ads in an effort to encourage sales to the people most likely to make them.

Are you making the most of the digital opportunities Black Friday provides? Get in touch or give us a call at 07 5455 4694 to discuss the opportunities digital marketing can provide your business.

Sophia Sorensen
Sophia Sorensen

Our in-house Copywriter and self-proclaimed lamington eating champion, Sophia is backed by a Bachelor of Communication (Advertising & Journalism) from Bond University. Inspired by originality and authenticity, she strives for personal and creative growth – and truly believes that great copy can be the foundation of a successful brand. Sophia enjoys a challenge; whether it be a wordy game of scrabble, an IKEA flatpack or just actually taking her washing off the line.

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