Influencers: It takes one to know one

Influencers: It takes one to know one

2018 has well and truly become the year of influencer marketing and don’t expect this trend to stop any time soon. Brands flock to influencers to help raise their brand awareness and sell their products/services to engaged audiences. A single positive recommendation from a trusted source can trump even your best written copy or informative video demonstration.

There are thousands of Instagram Influencers out there, so which one is right for you?

The key to converting followers over to your Instagram page is choosing the right Influencer to work with. Being influential is all about context. Influencer marketing is a wasted investment if you’re not working with the right ones. There is no point getting someone to shout out your brand that has thousands of followers who love eating vegan food when you are a fried chicken joint. Align an influencer’s content with your brand’s message and let the magic happen.

Once you have the right pages in mind, it’s now time to make contact.

 Keep in mind that you need them, they don’t need you! So, emphasise what’s in it for them. Make them fall in love with your product/service and give them a reason to want to work with you. That way they are more transparent and honest with their audience, which converts into sales for your business.

Helpful Tip: Offering product is a great way of coercing them to come on board. A lot of influencers prefer to receive $ in return – this can be great depending on their following! Although, keep in mind once you offer money, you will have to continue to pay them from that day onwards if you want to keep working with them.

 Isaac Retchless, founder of @SunshineCoast

Photo via @spencer.cameron

Isaac Retchless
Isaac Retchless

Insight’s digital marketing manager and in-house comedian. With over a decade of media experience, Isaac brings a wealth of knowledge from his background in marketing direction and radio marketing. His love for socialising tracks as far back to his once-humorous, now accurate high school yearbook quote, “if socialising was a career, I’d be set.” Isaac made his start to social media with a destination Instagram page, @sunshinecoast in 2017, which he grew to more than 45,000 active followers over two years. Sporting flip-flops even on the chilliest of winter days, his infectious enthusiasm washes over the insight office and to his clients.

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