Growing consumer relationships with brands are just like growing relationships between people: connection and trust are key.

The ever-changing world of digital marketing is no longer about mass reach. Relatable connections are a must, and the next big shift is afoot.

Content creators are forging more relevant connections with consumers than many other sources.

Is creator marketing the next big thing for brands? You bet!

Creator spend now outpaces traditional ad investment with 80% of brands saying they increased budgets in this area during 2023. And the trend is tipped to continue - 92% of brands are increasing their spend on creators in 2024 and 36% plan to spend at least half of their entire digital marketing budget on creators. 

So, what makes creator marketing so appealing? Simple, it works! 

Social media remains the most bankable channel - 64% of global marketers surveyed by Neilson say it’s their most effective paid channel. And when it comes to growing trust and connection online, content creators deliver the three C’s of great relationships - consistency, communication and candour - in spades. 

It’s natural for consumers to seek advice from people they trust when making purchasing decisions and content creators are all about establishing relevant relationships that feel genuine and personal.

Over 90% of consumers trust influencer marketing over traditional advertising and, content published by influencers delivers 11x the ROI (return in investment) than traditional metrics.

So it’s no surprise that we see spending on creator content (or sponsored social media content) growing roughly 3.5 times faster in the US than social ad spending, and it is tipped to remain ahead right through 2025.

For many brands, ROAS (return on ad spend) is listed lowest among all measurements. Growing a loyal audience is most important and this means looking at longer-term, big-picture performance metrics.

As a social-first digital performance agency, caring about the right things and staying at the forefront of trend cycles is how our A-Team get results. We genuinely value deep collaboration - it’s what drives creativity and relationships worth remembering, so get in touch. We’d love to chat about how creator marketing could help your brand grow again, and again, and again.

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