Trip Consideration & More - Coming to Facebook Advertising

Trip Consideration & More – Coming to Facebook Advertising

Trip Consideration to Reach Travelers

68% of millennials found ideas for their most recent trips on Facebook and the same is true for 60% of millennials on Instagram. In response, Facebook is rolling out trip consideration to help travel advertisers reach people who have expressed intent to travel but have not yet decided where to go.

‘Interested In’ targeting gets the flick

You may have already noticed, but Facebook has now globally removed “interested in” targeting. This applies to advertisers building their targeting with “Interested in Men’, ‘Interested in Women’ & ‘Interested in Men and Women’. Facebook’s recommendation going forward is to use ‘Relationship Status’ for targeting as an alternative.

New Facebook Ad Placements: Marketplace & WhatsApp

Facebook is opening up advertising to Marketplace and positions it as a “convenient destination to discover, buy and sell items with people in your community” with a strong focus on local area, this feature is similar to advertising on Gumtree or Craigslist.

WhatsApp is in the process of monetising their app and directly connecting users with businesses. Although there are no ads within WhatsApp yet, Facebook are testing a chat button on Facebook Ads that directly opens a conversation with a business in WhatsApp.

These features are gradually rolling out so watch this space in 2018!

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