I Am Gen Z and This is How I Roll

I Am Gen Z and This is How I Roll

While the marketing world continues to try and understand how us centennials like to spend our time on social media, I – an eighteen-year-old avid online shopper and social media enthusiast, gives an insight on Gen Z-ers and our buying behaviour.

We were born into a technology-saturated world – so, we know our tech! We appreciate the great value and efficiency that technology brings to the workplace and we are very fast at adapting to new technology.

With a large amount of time spent on social media than any other generation, I suggest beginning your marketing strategies on social and mobile first. These advertisements that you poach to us should be clear and succinct. Gone are the days of “FLASH SALE” and “One time only offer” because they simply don’t work for us. Remove all the fluff in the message and emphasise what’s in it for us. We have the strongest nonsense filter compared to any other generation because we’ve had information available at our fingertips at all times. No sale gimmicks here, thank you!

We are less interested in owning materialistic things and more about experiences. If we have a great experience somewhere, we are most likely going to return. I don’t know how many times I have shopped at certain e-commerce business just because they have great customer service or fast shipping.

Generation Z will account for 40% of all consumers by the year 2020 (Fast Company 2017), so it’s a good idea to be forward planning your marketing strategies.

Insight Social Media
Insight Social Media

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