Look who's in town!

Look who’s in town!

Want better opportunities to market to your customers in your local area? Facebook has just revealed two new marketing tools to do just this!

Locally Relevant Ads

Local awareness ads were launched last year to help businesses connect with people in their area. Facebook’s new feature allows businesses with multiple stores to customise their local awareness advertisements, making them even more relevant for people nearby. Businesses using Locations for Pages for their multiple stores can now customise ad copy, call-to-action buttons and links on ads so that each ad is localised for its corresponding store.

Facebook explained the new feature:

“If a cafe with multiple locations in the Bay Area decides to run local awareness ads, they could choose to automatically populate the city name in their ad copy, depending on where the people seeing the ad are. So, people in Menlo Park would see “Join us for lunch in Menlo Park,” while people in San Francisco would see “Join us for lunch in San Francisco.” Call-to-action buttons are also dynamic, so when someone clicks on the “Call Now” or “Get Directions” button, they’re connected to the store currently closest to them. This helps advertisers spend more efficiently, since they’re only connecting with people likely to visit the store and the information they share is hyper-local and relevant.”

Location-specific ad reports are also available to help businesses find out which locations the advertisements are performing best in, leading to more effective advertising.

Local Insights

The second new tool allows businesses to find out more information about people near their store with the addition of a ‘Local’ tab under Page Insights. Local insights inform businesses of the “aggregate demographics and trends associated with the people nearby” such as the neighbourhood’s busiest days of the week and times of day; and demographics including age, gender, tourist and local residents. Of course Facebook has built these tools with privacy in mind so data is anonymized and only people with location services enabled will be included in data. Businesses can use these insights to determine the best ways to connect with people near their store and encourage them to visit.

These new local awareness tools have just been rolled out in the US and will be available globally in the near future so be sure to keep an eye out for them and start engaging with people in your businesses neighbourhood.

Meagan O'Grady
Meagan O'Grady

Co-founder and Business Manager. Meagan has over a decade of experience in marketing and communications, in advertising agencies, film, shopping centres and non-profit organisations. Meagan holds a Bachelor of Business, majoring in Marketing and Management and has a passion for creativity. Meagan firmly believes that a successful business can also provide a conscientious contribution to society. Drawing inspiration from the vibrancy of words, colours, design and architecture, she is motivated by the ever-expanding global community of smart, enthusiastic and positive individuals.

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