Gaining visibility in the Insta-Verse is top of list for brands wanting to catch the attention of more than 2 billion monthly active Insta users on the lookout for purchase inspiration and new product discoveries.

Enter – Instagram SEO.

SEO = search engine optimisation. Most of us would be familiar with SEO as the process of enhancing website performance, and the quality and quantity of traffic to a website or page.

Instagram SEO is same-same … but different.

Let’s take a look at Instagram SEO our Top 5 Insta SEO Tips.

Who Are You Instagram SEO?

Instagram SEO is a performance marketing technique used to enhance Instagram content and profile performance. It does not replace the need to consistently deliver engaging high quality posts and stories, but feeds into the allusive Insta algorithm, by using specific criteria (like keywords) to target users who might be interested in your content, and ensure better search results performance.

It fits into a broader digital marketing strategy known as social media optimisation (SMO) – or the use of social media sites to manage and enhance an brand’s message and online presence.

Why Is Insta SEO a Vital Part of Every Brand’s Digital Marketing Presence?

These days users treat social media platforms more like search engines, so keywords (words or phrases related to your post) are a big deal for organic searches on The Gram.

Back when the fresh-faced looks of Justine Bieber sparked a global craze, most of us found Instagram content by using hashtags or the Explore page. These days we are more inclined to search our beloved Insta using specific keywords. That does not mean that hashtags should be benched though. #’s can also help the platform understand how to rank and place your content. More about this in a min.

Top 5 Tips for Optimising your Instagram Content and Profile

1.     Hit the # Sweet Spot

Hashtags are good for Instagram SEO because they help the platform contextualise your content – #margaritacocktailrecipe is a clear, well-defined hashtag which tells Instagram exactly what your content is and how it should be indexed. (Not to mention it sounds like a good idea!)  Too many hashtags confuse the algorithm and give your posts junk-mail vibes. Between three - five hashtags per post, is the sweet spot.

2.     Familiarise Yourself with Instagram’s M.O

Instagram aim to recommend content and accounts (that people do not already follow) to Insta users, that are ‘relevant and valuable to each person who sees them’. A set of Instagram Recommendations Guidelines govern what and how content is recommended. Breaking the Recommendations Guidelines will downrank your content so it’s helpful for content creators to get to know The Gram Recommendation Guidelines. Some of the main violations include clickbait, untrue or exaggerated health claims, and buying likes.

3.     Don’t Go Keywords Crae-Crae

When figuring out your Instagram keywords, think quality over quantity. Homing in on the essential keywords that relate to your offering lets Instagram know that you’re focused, strong in your lane, and not spamming the system. Primary keywords should appear in your handle, profile name, and bio. Blending keywords into your alt text (descriptions of your images and videos) opens your content to the millions of people who wouldn’t be able to see it without a screen reader and gives the platform even more information to contextualize and sort your content. [Hint: Access alt text by opening a post and going to ‘Advanced Settings.’ Head to the ‘Accessibility’ section, then scroll to ‘Write alt text.’]

4.     Build Topical Clout

This concept works the same on search engines as it does on Insta.  Brands and influencers are discovered because they’re experts in a specific topic. Staying in your zone of genius positions you as an expert on your topic and builds trust with your audience THEN, when you keep posting about it, Instagram recognises you as an expert with topical clout so elevates your rankings.

5.     Be Collab Fab

In The Gram-osphere, popular = trustworthy and relevant, so engaging with accounts similar to your own helps the algorithm understand how you fit into the Insta World puzzle. Following, commenting on, liking, and sharing UGC (user generated content) ranks you kindlier. Plus, UGC provides a unique brand perspective and generates social proof (a psychological phenomenon that makes people want to do what others enjoy.)

The Insight A Team grow a lot of different things around these traps, and optimising The Gram is just one of the ways we help you get the most out of your marketing spend and the 70% of shoppers who look to IG for their next purchase.

So, if you want to up your SEO game, build your brand, grow community, increase sales, get customers, generate leads, grow traffic, and optimise all things digital, including The Gram, we are your performance marketing team.  Let’s chat.

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These days, users treat social media platforms more like search engines. Enter – Instagram SEO: a performance marketing technique that will enhance your IG content and help you catch the attention of Insta’s 2 billion+ monthly active users.

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