‘At the end of the day’, when used correctly, buzzwords have an important place in our vocabulary.

But when used incorrectly (or relentlessly), rather than ‘raising the bar’, buzzwords can be meaningless and downright annoying.

Right now, ‘performance marketing’ is doing the rounds as one of the social media industry catchwords.

BUT in downtown Insight-ville - for our ever-growing collection of collaborators and clients - ‘performance marketing’ is so much more than a buzzword.

So, come with us beyond the buzzword, to the heart and soul of what we do.

What is performance marketing?

Performance marketing is a results-driven and highly targeted arm of digital media advertising. Unlike traditional and organic marketing, performance marketing is specifically used to drive measurable actions and track the results.

Performance marketing campaigns running on Google and Meta (aka Facebook + Instagram), might, for example, use metrics such as sales, clicks and leads to track, measure and analyse how an asset and/or marketing campaign is performing.

What stands out most about this highly dynamic marketing approach, and our capacity to gather real-time data, is that: (a) it enhances our A-team’s ability to optimise your campaigns (so they perform even better) and (b) it enriches your capacity to allocate marketing resources more effectively.

 So, what are the advantages of digital advertising delivered differently?

The obvious advantage of this highly trackable line of attack is that campaign decisions are made based on fact, increasing a brand’s potential to reach and engage the right customers, at the right time, in the right place … and more of them.

Every activity and action is measured, reported, and analysed against pre-defined KPIs (key performance indicators), enabling our A-team to make profit-maximising interventions.

Running highly targeted campaigns (e.g. influencer, email or paid social media campaigns) based on measurable ROI (return on investment), also allows brand owners to isolate, and focus on, specific growth priorities.

Unlike other equally important digital marketing tactics, this active (not passive) approach, gives brand owners greater flexibility across the lifespan of their campaigns, and enhances our performance marketing teams’ ability to tune, or ‘optimise’, certain campaign aspects (e.g. messaging), to better align with your target audience real-time needs and wants and, the ever-changing social media trends and market conditions.

This type of collaboration and transparency allows us to hit both your short-term marketing goals and drive long-term value growth. 

Check out this example of our performance marketing teams’ ability to implement a custom solution, for a brand who wanted to grow. (Hint: achieving a 245% increase in Leads and a 196% increase in Impressions for the French Beauty Academy was just the start!)

Want to know more about our approach to growing your business with informed digital marketing? 

Call us any time. Our performance marketing team are deep in the data, and nerding out over numbers, every single day!

And ‘that’s the bottom line’.

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