Why big brands are turning to small agencies

Bigger is better, right? Think again.

As Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos’ once said – if two pizzas aren’t enough to feed the group, nothing will get done. Luckily, two pizzas can feed our team. Most of the time. 😉

When a brand decides to work with an agency, there’s many factors to be considered: their past work with clients, specialties, location and size. We’ve noticed an industry shift, particularly with larger brands realising the value of a smaller agency (and toddling on over). Here are four reasons why working with a small agency can often be more valuable.

  1. Small agencies provide value.

Hungry to achieve results and cement our reputation, we don’t simply take your order and fulfil it. We live our value of ‘what more’ – pushing for perfection and always asking what more can we do for our clients. Our team go deep to provide you with a strategy to understand and solve your underlying issue or goal. We continually add value to your brand through our expertise and suggest alternatives and solutions that will get you to your goals.

As a client, you’re in direct contact with the owners of the small agency. Rather than communicating with a lower level of management within a large agency, you can communicate what you truly want directly to the decision makers. Smaller agencies have the ability to save costs for your brand too, due to clients not needing to pay for layers of management in service fees.

  1. Small agencies are nimble.

We may be small, but we are mighty. Collaborative, tight-knit and agile – smaller agencies have the power to accelerate fast and change directions quick, depending on what’s working. Smaller agencies are constantly on their toes keeping agile.

Expect faster turnarounds, more lenience with amendments and a customised approach for your brand – rather than a blanket strategy.

  1. Small agencies sit the best person in their best seat.

We don’t have ten seats for designers, four copywriters and seven ad strategy specialists…. But the seats we do have, rightfully sit the best of the best. We truly believe that great ideas are fragile – they need intimacy and nurturing to get off the ground. Instead of trampling our ideas with too many feet, our small team cultivates concepts and strategies that will survive and thrive. A team with young blood, we have fresh creative ideas that we are confident in executing. We understand how to create new opportunities for your business in today’s digital world.

  1. Small agencies care

Clients mean the world to us, and we want to continually offer more to ensure they are consistently happy with their results and feel as if they are on an ever-upwards journey. Small agencies know their reputation could be made or broken on a single client – so they ensure that all needs are being met and expectations succeeded. Each relationship with a client is nurtured to ensure it’s a long-lasting partnership. Small agencies typically limit themselves to working with a handful of large clients, rather than a large multitude of smaller clients. In doing this, we are able to go above and beyond to ensure results are achieved.

Are you a brand looking for a smaller agency to take care of your digital needs? Check out our previous work here, or get in touch with us here.

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Sophia Sorensen
Sophia Sorensen

Our in-house Copywriter and self-proclaimed lamington eating champion, Sophia is backed by a Bachelor of Communication (Advertising & Journalism) from Bond University. Inspired by originality and authenticity, she strives for personal and creative growth – and truly believes that great copy can be the foundation of a successful brand. Sophia enjoys a challenge; whether it be a wordy game of scrabble, an IKEA flatpack or just actually taking her washing off the line.

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