What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencers leverage social media to promote products or services authentically to their engaged followers. Brands collaborate with influencers to expand their reach, build trust, and achieve marketing goals. These campaigns focus on authenticity, audience engagement, and measurable results, often involving sponsored content and product endorsements. Ultimately, influencer campaigns can effectively boost brand awareness, lead generation, and sales, provided there is alignment between the influencer and brand values.

How can Influencer campaigns with Insight help you grow?

Influencer campaigns drive growth by tapping into the reach and credibility of online influencers. These collaborations expand your brand's exposure to a targeted audience, building trust and authenticity. With engaging content, measurable results, and cost-effective marketing, influencer campaigns can boost brand awareness, engagement, and sales. Leveraging influencers offers a competitive edge and is especially effective for product launches and promotions, making it a valuable strategy for business growth.

Influencer campaigns
Social Media

Influencers are the latest buzz in social media

These accounts are like the popular kids in high school, everyone looks up to them, they’re the trendsetters and what they say goes.

Content Marketing

Influencers: It takes one to know one

2018 has well and truly become the year of influencer marketing and don’t expect this trend to stop any time soon. Brands flock to influencers to help raise their brand awareness and sell their products/services to engaged audiences.

Content Marketing

Influencers – a guide to the risks and opportunities

Getting paid to travel the world and receive free stuff whilst ’influencing’ the masses is attracted to almost anyone – so it’s no surprise there are plenty of wannabe influencers out there. How much influencing do influencers really do though – and will they even benefit your business? Keep reading for our guide to utilising Influencers, including the risks and opportunities.


Social Media Management

A full takeover of your social media. We’re talking content, community management and campaigns that are in touch and land your brand.

Social Content

The heartbeat of your social. You need it to be meaningful so it connects with your audience. It’s what we live and breathe at Insight.


TikTok, Instagram Reels and Youtube all demand short form content that is on brand-and on-trend to drive results. Video on social moves fast and so do we.


Your imagery needs to be on-brand but it's critical that it also performs on social media and in your advertising. From iPhone captures to large scale complex shoots, we’ve got you covered.

Creative Strategy

Think of this as a digital blueprint for your brand. It’s about aligning your brand with what your customers are chasing and informs everything we do for you.

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